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Bangalore, Karnataka, India
SAI Recyclers
#C-20, KSSIDC Indl Area
Doddaballapur, Bangalore 561203
Phone: +91 91417-29026

Recycling Telecom Products
Recycling Telecom Products

At SAI Recyclers, we offer you the best and most reliable methods for safe and certified disposal, recycling and management of all kinds of telecom products, which range from equipment and devices used for internet communication to phone telecommunication systems.

Basically, we ensure that all of the telecom products in your organization that are nearing the end of their useful life are picked up and disposed in an eco-friendly and safe manner. For this purpose, we undertake many tasks pertaining to telecom products such as:

  • Phone systems-this includes both corded and cordless systems. Today, there is an enormous growth in the number of mobile phones produced and used. Moreover, there is an unprecedented increase in the number of telecom products used for both household and business purposes. Apart from these two types of phone systems, we also provide you with tested and proven methods for effective disposal and recycling of associated telecom components like teleconferencing and voice mail systems.
  • Phone accessory products-this category includes products like phone chargers, modems, routers, work stations and testers.
  • Network devices-these include various types of cords and telecommunication line sharing devices.
  • We are renowned for offering value-added services. Dealing with recycling of telecom products in a professional manner, we, at SAI Recyclers, ensure that all of these products are

  • Evaluated and assessed for their utility value
  • Put to further use till the maximum level possible
  • Sorted out, collected and processed from among the huge heaps of the other kinds of non-reusable e wastes
  • Suggestions for effective recycling and management of telecom products Being in customer service, our team of dedicated and well-experienced recycling experts takes care to guide you perfectly with suggestions such as:

  • Try to reduce the purchase of new gadgets since they are only going to add up to your pile of e waste. Instead, assess the possibilities of maintaining the existing products in a good shape and extend their life and performance to optimum levels.
  • If, even after conscious efforts to reuse the seemingly obsolete telecom products do not prove productive, try to sell your old gadgets; never mind even if they fetch you only low prices. Remember, such acts are sure to go a long way in keeping the environment clean and green.
  • Finally, it is time to consider the option of recycling your outdated telecom products.
  • Salient features of our recycling processes

  • Through constant research, we keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments in the e waste recycling industry.
  • In addition, we ensure that all of our recycling procedures conform to the latest legislations stipulated by the Central & State Pollution Control Boards and other local governing bodies.
  • We never believe in the adoption of unethical policies like dumping hazardous e waste materials in landfills or illegally exporting them to the third-world countries.
  • To serve you in the most professional manner, we ensure that you do not have to travel long distances to dispose of e waste emanating from your business. We offer pick up facilities at your doorstep.
  • Further, to spread the benefits of our customer-focused attitude far and wide, we regularly organize special awareness campaigns and events to involve residents and business persons more actively towards the preservation of our environment, in a clean, green way!
  • Contact us today for customized, productive, affordable and reliable recycling programs, tips and guidance to ensure that there is least damage caused to the environment. Join hands with us and show the world you care to keep the environment clean and green!

    #C-20, KSSIDC Indl Area, Doddaballapur, Bangalore 561 203 |  Phone: +91 91417-29026