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Free Electronic Recycling
Free Electronic Recycling

To encourage people to recycle their old and broken down electronics, many manufacturers now offer free recycling of electronic equipment. With the consolidation of the recycling industry it is now a viable option to consider recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Depending on the life of your used electronic equipment, the working condition of the device and its peripherals like chargers and the superficial damage the equipment has withstood, many collectors offer money in lieu of the old electronic devices. This is because such material can have a high cost differential.

Apart from getting money directly for dropping of old electronic equipment to be recycled, some recyclers also offer a tax deductible donation acknowledgement. This form will specify the total value of the equipment submitted for recycling. This can greatly help reduce the yearly tax for consumers.

Some states charge a deposit fee for most of the recyclable material. This is refunded to the consumers when they get the recyclable waste back to the manufacturer or collector. This encourages the people to return their items for recycling. Free shipping is provided for old electronic wastes of all brands and types.

#C-20, KSSIDC Indl Area, Doddaballapur, Bangalore 561 203 |  Phone: +91 91417-29026