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Bangalore, Karnataka, India
SAI Recyclers
#C-20, KSSIDC Indl Area
Doddaballapur, Bangalore 561203
Phone: +91 91417-29026

E-Waste Recycling Bangalore
E-Waste Recycling Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka was among the foremost metropolitan cities in India to implement laws that govern the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). The Environment Protection Act was passed in 1986. The act provides for the recycling of electronic devices with all stages such as collection, transportation, reuse and recycling by the industry.

We have help initiated a free program for the reuse or recycling of discarded electronic equipment, called E-Cycle Bangalore. This program is monitored by us with assistance from the industry & institutions and is environment friendly. It is of great convenience to households, educational institutions, small businesses, charitable organizations and even government agencies to safely dispose old and unused electronic devices free of charge.

The program was enacted with a view to protect the environment from pollution by hazardous substances like lead, cadmium, mercury, halogenated organic compounds and organic polymers, present in the electrical and electronic equipment. The industry is required to take back all the electronic waste from the consumers for reuse and recycle.

Televisions, computers, computer monitors, laptops are all included in this free recycling program. Equipments that still work are made available for businesses or charities that make use of such electronic devices.

#C-20, KSSIDC Indl Area, Doddaballapur, Bangalore 561 203 |  Phone: +91 91417-29026