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Bangalore (Karnataka), India

SAI Recyclers
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Electronic Waste Recycling
Electronic Waste Recycling

With rapid advancements in technology, electrical and electronic equipment are rendered obsolete very easily. Such obsolete, broken and discarded electrical and electronic devices are called Electronic Waste or e-waste or e-scrap. Devices like used computer monitors, peripherals and other accessories, printers, fax and copy machines, laptops, video game consoles, cameras, mobile phones, television sets and vcrs, dvd players, refrigerators, microwave ovens etc, are all classified as e-waste.

Substances like lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium, halogenated chemicals and many organic polymers are used to manufacture electronic devices. These substances are used in the components of the device to provide required characteristic features. However, most of these materials are hazardous. The dumping of e-waste without recycling causes serious environmental and health problems. Therefore, these materials have to undergo proper electronic waste recycling.

Today, due to regulations, policies, research and public inquiry a positive change is being brought about in the way e-waste is recycled. Also identification and extraction of useful components and materials from the discarded electronic equipment has helped to cut down the expenses involved in e-waste recycling.

SAI Recyclers offers a wide range of professional services to safely remove and recycle your e-waste. By diverting electronic waste from landfills and using environment friendly processing, we make sure the environment is saved from pollution.

#C-20, KSSIDC Indl Area, Doddaballapur, Bangalore 561 203 |  Phone: +91 91417-29026