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Bangalore, Karnataka, India
SAI Recyclers
#C-20, KSSIDC Indl Area
Doddaballapur, Bangalore 561203
Phone: +91 91417-29026

Copier Recycling
Copier Recycling

Are you stuck at a point where there are a lot of old copiers, fax machines and printers are lying idle around you in your office since they have been replaced by new ones? Are you not sure as to how to get rid of the outdated products that are becoming a nuisance by occupying valuable storage space? If you answer to these questions in the affirmative, then there is no need for you to worry. You have come to the right place! At SAI Recyclers, you are assured to get full value even for the obsolete products like copiers.

Get full value for your outdated copiers using our recycling services and solutions. In addition, you can rest assured that you are adhering to the prescribed safety standards while disposing e wastes like copiers resulting from your day-to-day activities. There are many new copier products in the market and you have bought them to gain many benefits. But the question is "What do you do with the older ones?"

Well, the answer is simple- just give us a call at (91) 91417-29026 and (91) 97426-57535. We will be right there at your place to help you with:

  • Safe removal of the old copiers
  • Collecting them
  • Sorting out the recyclable parts and assembling them
  • Sending the usable parts to the recycling facilities
  • Disposing the unusable parts in a safe, ethical and eco-friendly manner
  • Issuing a certificate of destruction
  • Copier disposal and recycling made easy with SAI Recyclers. Our disposal and recycling services are not limited to just those outdated copiers. We make sure that the related accessories like cartridges are also disposed of in a safe and environment-friendly manner. They contain several hazardous materials that pollute the environment in many ways by disturbing the natural resources like water and air.

    The primary business of SAI Recyclers is focused on the safe collection, disposal and recycling of all kinds of electronic equipment like copiers. We focus on dismantling copiers like photocopiers, Cannon, Xerox and Samsung. To ensure that the recyclable materials contained in the copiers are collected and sorted carefully so that they are passed on to the manufacturing industries as feedstock. Thus, we help businesspersons and homeowners in reducing energy consumption significantly.

    Moreover, the natural resources are saved from being exploited and depleted for manufacturing new products.

    Contact us today at (91) 91417-29026 and (91) 97426-57535. You can also contact us through email at info@sairecyclers.com and let us know what you are exactly looking for in terms of copier disposal and recycling.

    #C-20, KSSIDC Indl Area, Doddaballapur, Bangalore 561 203 |  Phone: +91 91417-29026